Friday, January 28, 2011

Family Pictures

We took family pictures in November. It is always a little bit harder to take our own picture, because Drew is our photographer. He has to get it all set up, and then hurry into the picture. It also makes it hard for the kids to focus, because it's just dad taking their picture. But we managed to get two good photos on our first try.

Spring Mountain Ranch

In October, we took the kids to have a picnic dinner at Spring Mountain Ranch. The kids loved just running around on the big open field and playing with each other. It was such a nice day outside, and the kids had a lot of fun.

Teagan, Taryn, and Quin

I just think this picture is funny. How do kids sit like that?

Teagan is such a nice big brother.

Taryn playing in the rocks.


Since Halloween was on Sunday this year, our ward did their Trunk-or-treat on Saturday. They did a dinner and then had lots of games inside for the kids. Afterwards, we went outside for the trunk-or-treat. The kids had so much fun dressing up. On Sunday, my parents had the kids trick or treat from one bedroom to the next. The kids were so excited to run from door to door to see what kind of candy and prizes they would get. I think this is the only picture we got of the kids in their costumes.

Teagan as Superman, Quin as a Pirate, and Taryn as a Bee.

Summer Activities

We kept the kids really busy this summer by doing all kinds of activities. We took tours of the Highway Patrol Station and Albertson's with our ward. The boys also visited the dentist for cleanings and to get cavities filled. We visited the Lied Discovery Museum and the Natural History Museum. The kids went bowling and to Chuck E Cheese's with their cousins. They were definitely not bored this summer. It was fun to do all of these activities with grandparents, cousins, and lots of friends. Hopefully next summer we can keep them entertained as well.

Teagan in a Highway Patrol Truck.

Quin at the grocery store with his new reusable bag.

Quin at the dentist.

Teagan at the dentist.

Teagan making a bubble at Lied Discovery Museum.

Taryn fixing the car at LDM.

Quin at the LDM.

Taryn bowling.

Quin at the Natural Hist. Museum.

Lacey, Taryn, Teagan, Mason, and Quin doing a puzzle.

Teagan, Quin, and Mason looking at the dinosaurs.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Baby Time!!!

We're pregnant with our 4th child! The baby is due on March 8, 2011. This is how we announced it to Drew's parents while we were in California this summer.

Monday, November 15, 2010


We finally took the kids tent camping this summer. They had so much fun. We only spent one night up at Mt. Charleston to see how the kids would do. They had fun setting up the tent, running around, finding firewood, and mostly roasting marshmallows. The kids had more fun watching the marshmallows burn than actually eating them! I think that it was a success so we should be able to do this more often next summer. We could even try for a longer trip than just overnight. We even had some visitors while we were in the mountains. Brad, Lacey, Kristen, and Mason came up to have dinner and roast marshmallows. Then in the morning, all of the other cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandma and grandpa Lyman came up. The kids had fun playing together and eating lunch. It was a quick trip, but well worth it.

Teagan and Taryn showing off their tent.

Jamie and Taryn by the fire.

Teagan's awesome marshmallow skills.

Quin with his marshmallow stick.

Some of the cousins playing together.
Quin, Teagan, Madi, Taryn, and Dylan

Friday, October 15, 2010

Alivia's Baby Blessing

The next weekend after arriving home from Sacramento, I drove to Fresno with just the kids. My cousin Cara's baby was being blessed. The kids really have a lot of fun with their "California Cousins" so we went for a visit. Drew wasn't able to go because of work. The kids had a great time playing out in the country. They had a water balloon fight, ran through the sprinklers, and jumped on the trampoline. They also were able to ride on the 4 wheeler, at least Teagan did. Jimmy showed Teagan how to drive it by himself, and he did a great job. Unfortunately, the 4-wheeler had a problem before Quin could ride. So, Jimmy took him out on the lawn mower. We also visited the dairy where my cousins Callie and Kyle live. Kyle was nice enough to give us a tour of the dairy and let the kids pet the baby calves. We also swam and rode on the motorized trucks at my uncle Jon's and aunt Sandy's house. It was a great weekend! Thanks to all of my family for letting us invade your houses!

Quin, Teagan, and Asher in the sprinklers.

Teagan riding the 4-wheeler.

Quin and Jimmy on the lawn mower.

Teagan wouldn't milk the cow,

but his mommy did!

Taryn petting the day old calf.

Of course we had to take a girls picture again!
Callie, Jamie, Cara, Camille, and Kelli

Riding in the trucks. (Teagan, Quin, and Asher)

Teagan was so tired that he fell asleep on Grandma Great!